Papa’s Story

Our dad, Terry Burnett, was born on July 12, 1958 in Pine Bluff Arkansas while our grandpa (Leslie Junior) was serving on the military base there. His family moved back to Missouri when our dad was in grade school and have been in the Pike County, Missouri area ever since.

He married our mother, Marcia Burnett and had us kids, Lesli in 79′, Tracy in 86′ and Chris in 89′. They divorced and shortly after our dad purchased this property. He was extremely excited about it; he always wanted a quiet place out in the country where he could do a little fishing and hunting and it had the shop space for him to tinker in mechanics.

He had a one-of-a-kind laugh that you could hear a mile away and we grew up hearing his buddies using his nick-name WEINER (we know, we know, ask us about it sometime, it’s probably not what you are thinking HA!) He was always a very positive person and loved cracking jokes and making people laugh… hence the funny photo he sent us to the left here, from when he busted his tooth out at work…. HAHA! He loved his Busch heavy, wild turkey & sundrop and jamming out to classic rock. Most importantly though, he loved spending time with his family. His girlfriend moved in and together they lived the “country life”.

Dad was an outdoorsman and a jack-of-all trades. He was a hard worker, working construction his entire life and loved working on cars in his spare time. He was known for always helping others and never finishing his own projects; which is why we have a list of things to complete HA! Be sure to check out our Weiner Tradesman Scholarship that we set up while you are here!

We would often get the family together and head out to dads for BBQ, bonfires, fishing, shooting trap and riding 4-wheelers and any other crazy ATV’s dad would have fixed up at the time. Every year for his birthday we would do this, and of course, shoot of a crap-ton of fireworks. So many memories were made on his 40 acres.

In August 2020 dad was diagnosed with Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer. He underwent many treatments but unfortunately the cancer continued to spread and on May 12th, 2022 at the age of 63 he peacefully passed away. He was a stubborn man who fought his heart out despite the pain and struggles and we are proud to have been lucky enough to call him our dad.

After his passing, us siblings had to make decisions on many things, most of them came easy to us; but the one thing that was not easy was the decision on what to do with his property. We did NOT want to sell something he worked so hard for, and so many amazing memories were had there by us over the 20+ years he had the property we decided we would do what we could to ensure we could afford to keep it and continue to make memories.

In July 2022 we decided that maybe renting out the house (cabin) Air B&B style and potentially offering the land as a place for people to host their weddings – would help us off-set the cost of mortgage which in turn would allow us to keep his place that much longer. So we all agreed to give it a try. We have brainstormed, done research and everything else we felt necessary to ensure this would be a “good idea”. The thought of others being able to make memories with their families at dads in the great outdoors is something that brings us much joy, and we feel dad would be extremely proud of us for.

Tracy, the creative one with marketing experience is “heading up” the operation while Lesli and Chris just say yes to whatever she says (haha!). We are hoping that if this takes off, we will continue to add more amenities and services and really make Papa’s Cabin a place where everyone enjoys visiting and spending time at.

We have alot of work to do, in the cabin, on the property and even here on the website; so bear with us as we are as anxious to get this going as much as you! We are setting a goal of Spring 2023 to be able to start renting!

Feel free to call or text “The Boss Lady” (Tracy Brookshier) or use our contact us page; with any questions or ideas you may have!


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