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The Burnett’s : From left: Lesli, Papa, Chris, Tracy

Hey there! Here we are, here is a little bit about us Burnett kids…


Lesli was the first born, she thinks that makes her special… ha! Born in 1976 she has always been the most unique and outspoken of us kids. Watching her mouth is something she can NOT do! She has worked at True Manufacturing since graduating highschool. She gave our dad his first grandchildren: Cade, Monroe and Keatyn.

Lesli has been involved in many home renovations over the years and has a nack for making things work out. She is a very hands-on type of gal, which we are sure she gets from our dad, and doesn’t like wasting any time on getting projects done. She has a soft heart that she rarely let’s people see and loves to cuss and crack jokes – just like dad!


Tracy, born the middle child, is the boss of the group. She was born in 1986 and has always been creative, artistic and…. bossy. She is a little better when it comes to controlling the curse words but still let’s them fly on weekends! She earned her degree in graphic design and marketing and has been working in those feilds ever since. She currently owns and runs her own web & graphic design business, painting party business and full time at our local Health Department as Marketing Coordinator. She offered up two more grandbabies for papa; Stevie Jane & Trace who he liked to spoil with candy and useless toys.

Tracy and her husband Steve (Papa liked to call him “Scuba Steve”) have been involved in many renovations as well and love seeing plans and ideas come to light. She loves planning and organizing things to get sh!t done. She is impatient as well and doesn’t like wasting valuable time. She is a hard worker, is the most creative of us kids and is very compassionate.


Chris, the youngest and only boy…. he was doomed from the start with two older sisters being born in 1989. He has always had a love for aviation and joined the Air Force right after highschool. He currently works in Emergency Management with the Air Force and loves it. He has served 3 times overseas and plans for more. He is very smart and soaks up all information he can. He gave papa a fur-grandbaby, Duke.

Chris has helped with renovations as well and enjoys the hands-on work. Chris, suprisingly, has the impatient bone as well and prefers to get things done as timely as possible. He puts all his effort into what he is working on and it shows. He has a big heart and a loud mouth, he also shares a similar laugh that our dad had which is comforting to hear.

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