You are invited to come party with us at Papa’s Cabin! Our dads birthday was July 12th. Every year we would all get together at his place and bbq, fish, shoot trap, shoot off fireworks and have a bon-fire and just enjoy eachothers company. We want to keep this tradition going. On top of that, our little brother, Chris, just got home from serving overseas in the Air Force! So we are celebrating his coming home and Papa’s birthday!

Come hang out any time in the afternoon on Saturday, July 30th! We will have:

– BBQ pulled pork while it lasts

– BYOB and chairs

– bon fire

– fishing

– fireworks

– raffles

– cornhole

– kids splash pools

– MAYBE a grown up slip and slide?!

– good company

– great music!

We will give tours of the property and cabin and let you in on what our plans are! Hope to see you there!

*Not responsible for accidents!*

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