Welcome to Papa’s Cabin!

“Get the BUCK outside!”

Our tribute to an amazing dad and papa, Terry “Weiner” Burnett 1958-2022


Welcome to Papa’s Cabin!

When our dad passed away on May 12th, 2022, us kids (Lesli, Tracy & Chris) inherited his 40 acres of property in the middle-of-nowhere Middletown, MO. We made so many memories here over the past 20+ years; fishing on the lake, hunting, shooting trap, grand-kid sleepovers, BBQ’ing, fireworks and plenty of bonfires. After his passing we decided that we just can’t part with his place and decided to try and find ways to be able to afford to keep it.

Now here we are, doing just that. We want other families to be able to make amazing outdoor memories here just as we did. We have big goals and projects in store; which will take us time, so we are taking baby steps. First on the list is completing renovations on his cabin, then we move to outdoor additions such as adding parking, and a dock on the lake!

We want to be able to rent his cabin and land to those interested in finding a quiet and peaceful place to have an extended vacation, stay the weekend, camp, have a wedding; you name it!

We have been working hard on the interior renovations of the cabin and are nearing completion, the venue is coming along nicely too! Be sure to follow the progress here on our blog and on our facebook page! Feel free to reach out with any questions or inquiries!

Call or text the boss lady – Tracy, at 314-971-5886!

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